Fuck you

An open letter to the fundamentalists in the US:

Let me clear a few things up for you, as your lack of ability to think critically is hanging out of your tightie whities.

You don’t get to claim your ‘rights’ when you would deny women and minorities these same rights.

You don’t get the claim ‘freedom of speech’ while you ban books and refuse to teach evolution and critical race theory in schools.

You don’t get to tout ‘family values’ when you allow children to be shot at school, or people shot buying groceries, because guns are more important than lives.

You don’t get to bemoan the loss of the ‘traditional family’ when it benefits men and requires women to bear the burden of masses of unpaid labour, rape, and servitude.

You don’t get to claim ‘freedom of choice’ when you would deny women choice over thier own anatomy, and indeed criminalise that anatomy, and deny same sex couples choice to marry, and fuck, the consenting adults whom they love, while at the same time allowing children to marry rich old white men in your own country and decrying it when brown people perpetrate this atrocity.

You don’t get to deny welfare to people, when you refuse to pay a living wage to those who do work 40 hour weeks and still live below the poverty line.

You don’t get to tell those people working 40 hour weeks for wages akin to slavery to ‘educate themselves’ to get a better job when higher education is only available to the wealthy or to those willing to be in debt for life.

You don’t get to claim to be ‘pro life’ when you would rather see people die from common illness than provide them with free healthcare, and see the babies you force to be born die of abuse, starvation, disease, neglect and poverty.

And, most importantly, you do not get to govern the morality of other people and make make appalling racist, sexist decisions based on a 2,000 year old fairy story compiled by a Roman emperor centuries after actual ‘events’, which has since been twisted by men to control everyone, you included, using fear — no more so than a 17th century misogynist and ‘law maker’ who thought raping women and burning them at the stake was acceptable.

In your blind hatred of the so-called ‘woke liberals’ you are allowing the US to be dragged back into the dark ages, where theocracy, dogma, and the backwards idea of ‘faith’ is more important than science and the greater good.

Please peddle your science-denying, Fox News repeating, anus tanning, god bothering, vaccine refusing, fake news spouting, nazi-loving, moronic, and hypocritical, utter mendacities elsewhere.

If you actually gave a fuck about preventing abortions you’d be handing out contraception and vasecomies for free, to prevent unwanted pregancy in the first place, thereby making abortion unnecessary except for medical or criminal circumstances. But you don’t give a fuck about babies.

If you gave a fuck about babies you’d ensure those babies once born would have access to free lifelong education and welfare, not to mention free healthcare to keep them healthy. You’d mandate the men responsible for those pregnancies would be financially responsible for those children until they reach adulthood. But you don’t give a fuck about babies or children.

If you gave a fuck about children you’d ensure not every inbred crazy person could get access to, and carry around, a weapon of mass murder, and take it to a school and shoot those children you insisted needed to be born. But you don’t do that either. Children being murdered after they leave the womb apparently doesn’t concern you at all.

If you gave a fuck about children you’d ensure their secular education based in science, not on your magic sky fairy, but you don’t do that as you’d rather continue to keep the lobotomised masses enthusiastically participating in their own oppression.

Perhaps while they were being educated those children might learn about what kind of breathtaking hypocrisy it takes to refuse to wear a mask to protect others from catching a deadly disease because it infringes on your ‘freedom’ while simultaneously deciding what women can do with their uteruses, because their freedom doesn’t matter. But, as we’ve established, you don’t give a fuck about babies or children. You DO, however, give a fuck about keeping women enslaved, unemployed, dependent on men, and in poverty.

I’m sure I speak for all people with empathy, education and a soul when I tell you to go eat a bag of the dicks you so clearly worship, you hillbilly ass wagons. Fuck you.

And fuck all of you who sit on your assess and do nothing to change this by not voting out every single goddamn republican in support of this atrocity. Fuck all of you who sit on your assess like you are helpless and do nothing. You are complicit.

Fuck all of you who voted for Trump. Fuck off you who voted third party because it wasn’t Bernie or you didn’t like Hillary. You all did this. You are culpable.

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