New release: Phoenix


It’s here! My new book, a new adult fantasy, Phoenix.

Children’s storybooks tell us tales of benevolent fairies at the bottom of the garden who scatter glitter and grant wishes.

These are not those fairies.

Alex Baylie’s life sucks. She’s too tall, her hair is too red, and her eyes too green. Add a case of eczema and ears so different she can’t even talk about it, and Alex’s whole life can be described in three letters: FML.

Her main goal is surviving her last few months of high school without the daily teasing and inevitable tears that follow. If she could go completely unnoticed, that would be great.

Surviving high school takes a serious turn when an attempt is made on Alex’s life. With one rude shove through a rip in reality, she finds herself pushed out of an existence she wanted nothing more than to escape and into an alternate one where all she wants is home.

She wakes cold, wet, and scared. Not only is Alex not in Chicago anymore, she’s not even on the earth she knows.

And so, she runs. Away from enemies unseen and power unimagined, Alex runs straight into the dangerous arms of the fae: warriors, magicians, walking weapons whose only thought is kill or be killed. In this violent realm contested by god and demon, she must embrace her power and decide between love and hate, being the oppressor or the oppressed—or die. Her choice.

Phoenix is the first book in the new adult fantasy series, Tuatha De Danann.

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