New release: Phoenix


It’s here! My new book, a new adult fantasy, Phoenix.

Children’s storybooks tell us tales of benevolent fairies at the bottom of the garden who scatter glitter and grant wishes.

These are not those fairies.

Alex Baylie’s life sucks. She’s too tall, her hair is too red, and her eyes too green. Add a case of eczema and ears so different she can’t even talk about it, and Alex’s whole life can be described in three letters: FML.

Her main goal is surviving her last few months of high school without the daily teasing and inevitable tears that follow. If she could go completely unnoticed, that would be great.

Surviving high school takes a serious turn when an attempt is made on Alex’s life. With one rude shove through a rip in reality, she finds herself pushed out of an existence she wanted nothing more than to escape and into an alternate one where all she wants is home.

She wakes cold, wet, and scared. Not only is Alex not in Chicago anymore, she’s not even on the earth she knows.

And so, she runs. Away from enemies unseen and power unimagined, Alex runs straight into the dangerous arms of the fae: warriors, magicians, walking weapons whose only thought is kill or be killed. In this violent realm contested by god and demon, she must embrace her power and decide between love and hate, being the oppressor or the oppressed—or die. Her choice.

Phoenix is the first book in the new adult fantasy series, Tuatha De Danann.

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Bloodlines is now available!

Following the acclaimed debut of The Enemy Inside and its sequel, Broken, comes the stunning conclusion to the ‘Edge of Darkness’ series by investigative journalist Vanessa Skye, Bloodlines.

Detective Alicia “Berg” Raymond is lying. She’s lying to the Chicago Police Department, to her boyfriend, Captain Jay O’Loughlin, but most of all, she is lying to herself—about her past, her future, and her addiction.

As Berg investigates a series of brutal rapes, she juggles finding justice for the victims, keeping her own sordid past buried, and wrapping her damaged head around living in a state of domestic bliss she’s certain she doesn’t deserve.

But when enemies from the past threaten her present, she is once again vulnerable to the demons that have plagued her. It’s only a matter of time before the lies unravel and destroy the fairy tale she’s finally started believing.

Can she save anyone from the lurking darkness or will her own bloodlines drag her under—this time for good?

Bloodlines is the third and final book in the Edge of darkness crime fiction series. Get it on eBook and paperback on Amazon, Kobo, Book Depository, Barnes and Noble, TWCS and Booktopia.

Get the first eBook, The Enemy Inside, for only 99c between January 9-28 on AmazonKobo, and TWCS.

Broken is the second book in the series and is available in eBook and paperback on Amazon, Kobo, Book Depository, Barnes and Noble, TWCS and Booktopia.

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Praise for The Enemy Inside:

‘THE ENEMY INSIDE is dark, raw and not for the faint of heart or stomach. As fascinating as the whodunnit is, Berg and Jay are equally interesting. While THE ENEMY INSIDE is a dark read there’s a strong undercurrent of hope as it showcases the strength of kindness, caring, and resilience of the human spirit.’

‘The Enemy Inside had me shaking in my pajamas and I loved every bit of it.’

‘It was a mind blowing experience to see how the whole thing came together. If you want to try your hand at a serial killer cop drama, pick up The Enemy Inside today! You won’t regret it.’

Praise for Broken: 

‘I  loved this so much. The pacing was great, the twists very clever, and the characterization made you unsure of motives, which added to the suspense.’

‘Vanessa Skye has done it again with another amazing novel. ‘

‘This book .. whoah.. THIS Book!.’

Praise for Bloodlines:

‘This is just a fabulous series and I cannot recommend it highly enough.’