Berg, Jay, relationships and love.

I thought I’d dash out a quick blog because tomorrow I’m back into editing the final book of the Edge of Darkness series, Blood Lines. But this review of Broken on Passion for Pages really inspired me.

‘Vanessa Skye has done it again with another amazing novel.

Detective Alicia “Burg” Raymond is back with new suspects to chase, new criminals to catch and a surprise in her personal life that she never saw coming.
I’m always a little hesitant when it comes to sequels. The second is always lacking something for me, it just never measures up to the expectations I’ve set for it as a reader.  But this book? This book is amazing, just as great as Skye’s first novel.  I was not disappointed.
Burg is paired with a new partner in this one since Jay (her old partner and only love interest for those of you who don’t know) has moved on up on the career ladder. I wasn’t sure what I thought of the new guy  at first. I mean, sure it’s clear he’s a womanizing Casanova wanna be, but he also had softer moments with Burg that warmed my cold heart…only to quickly turn back into that jerk and freeze it over again. He was one of those characters that just couldn’t seem to get his shit together until he did in a big way.
Burg and Jay. There is a lot of run around with these two, mainly because Burg is so fucked up. Just when you think they’re finally getting somewhere she runs off and everything falls apart again. And then there’s this life changing moment for her. One, as a reader, you kind of see coming but that doesn’t take away from it or make it any less of a great twist. And then the real twist—the gut wrenching, sad twist—is thrown at you. It definitely made me see Burg in a new light. She’s presented as this woman who doesn’t give a damn about anything or anyone and in that one moment an entire life she saw for herself is destroyed and she’s left just as vulnerable and empty as any woman in her position would be.
But let’s not forget the mystery thriller part of the story. Like I said, Skye does just as great of a job in this one as she did her first with the murder mystery and “who dun it” factor. I love how she weaves her stories, how everything slowly comes together in a case while she still keeps focus on her character’s personal lives. I can’t really say much about “the bad guys” without giving away spoilers, but I have to say, I think my favourite part of the book was towards the end when Burg visits one of them. Talk about wonderful manipulation, people! You really see how dark and twisted this character (Burg) is and I love it!
I’ll be impatiently waiting Vanessa Skye’s next novel. Impatiently. Waiting.’

I love that PFP gets the romantic interaction between Jay and Berg. There have been others who haven’t been as kind about the pair. But that’s okay, because I get that Berg, in particular, can be super fucking frustrating. It was pretty frustrating to write! And in an age of the popular romance novel (which I love, btw) everyone wants their happy ending.

But here’s the thing about life…sometimes there isn’t a happy ending…or at least not straight away. Work must be done first. Frogs must be kissed. And Berg is a damaged woman. And despite the fact that Jay clearly loves her, the thing about Berg is that she’s never been loved, by anyone, her whole life, until Jay. So she doesn’t think she’s deserving of it. Jay could tattoo ‘I love you Berg’ on his forehead and Berg wouldn’t believe it, because she doesn’t think she’s worthy of his love.

Relationships are confronting, even for the ‘normal’ among us. But as a good friend of mine notes, it’s in relationships where we learn the most about ourselves because they are transforming. Relationships are vehicles for learning and change, spiritually and emotionally, which is precisely why they are so confronting. Relationships move us forward in our journey in life, which is why I think it is really important to note they just because a relationship ends doesn’t make it a failure. You learned what you needed to learn. It is a societal construct that two people stay together for life. But that’s another blog entirely, and  I digress.

Jay and Berg have a love for the ages, there is nothing they won’t do for each other. And I’m sure they will get the ending they deserve. But first, the personal work must be done. Berg has to learn to love herself, just as she is with all her darkness and her drive for justice, before she can accept the love of another. And Jay? He needs to understand that Berg has this darkness, and it makes her who she is: the woman he loves. Jay’s very black and white, but Berg is all about shades of gray.

Whether he can accept her for what she is, and she can do the same, remains to be seen. But what’s important personally, for me as an author, is to show that love doesn’t conquer all, and problems don’t go away when your white knight arrives on his steed. Fairytales be damned, sometimes the princess has to rescue herself.

One thought on “Berg, Jay, relationships and love.

  1. Brendon Vine says:

    A wondeful, intelligent and empathetic piece.

    This An appropriate reward for a wonderful author – Skye is a master of the mystery thriller and, in fact,has revived this classification.

    Bring on thenext edition of Jay and Berg.

    Brendon VineOriginal Message —– From: Vanessa Skye, Author To: Sent: Saturday, February 22, 2014 5:11 PM Subject: [New post] Berg, Jay, relationships and love.

    vanessaskye posted: “I thought I’d dash out a quick blog because tomorrow I’m back into editing the final book of the Edge of Darkness series, Blood Lines. But this review of Broken on Passion for Pages really inspired me. ‘Vanessa Skye has done it again with another amazi”

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