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Jeanne’s Holiday Tradition

in the McDonald home is always a magical time of the year. Starting on
Thanksgiving, we put up the tree and pull out the Christmas movies. The house
is decorated in festive holiday fashion. I love playing Christmas music while
cooking and for some reason I bake more during this time of the year. Come
Christmas Eve, my son is allowed to open one present. It was something my
parents did for me as a child and I’ve passed it on with my family. Then, I
start my cooking for the feast of Christmas. On Christmas morning, the house is
filled with Christmas cheer. Presents are opened. Friend and family come to
dinner, and we all share in the joys of the season. This is absolutely my most
favorite time of the year. Not because of the gifts, but because of the
atmosphere. I love the joy this season brings. There a sense of “A New
Hope” in the air at Christmas.  ((see what I did there…haha! Nerdy
girl Christmas joke!))  All in all, Christmas is magic and as Harry Potter
once said, “I love magic.”

As teenagers, time is infinite and love is made of fairy tales and caramel corn.  For Alexis York and Ryan Fisher, their friendship was the cornerstone of who they were.  In the wake of a family tragedy, that
friendship was torn apart by time and distance.  Unrequited love was never reciprocated, and two lives that were once intertwined, now moved on different
Fifteen years later, these two friends are given a second chance to correct the mistakes of the past.  With one flight, a new home, and a little help from a tiny red compass, Alexis and Ryan are reunited, setting them back on the same course.  Together, they find themselves on a journey of rediscovery, friendship, hope, and love.
Yet, when the harsh realities of life threaten to tear them apart for good, will Alexis and Ryan lose all hope of a happily ever after? Or will the childhood promises of forever lead these two hearts through impossible odds and back into each other’s arms?

“You’re my compass. My one true north.”
Jeanne McDonald
 Jeanne McDonald is an author, a mother, a wife, a student of
knowledge and of life, a coffee addict, a philosophy novice, a pop culture connoisseur, inspired by music, encouraged by words, and a believer in true love.  When
she’s not spending time with her family, she can be found reading, writing, enjoying a great film, chatting with friends or diligently working toward her bachelor’s degree in literature.  A proud Texan, Jeanne currently resides in the Dallas/Fort Worth area with her family.
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