Enough is enough.

Four children and two women have been killed by men this last week. Count them…FOUR children and TWO women, killed by the men who are supposed to love them, in 7 days. And yet again we arise to read comments and media reports that excuse murder.

Cue comments about ‘family guys’ who ’work hard’ and ‘stressful situations’ and ‘depression’ and ‘lack of services’. FUCK. OFF. The passive-aggressive suggestion, of course, being that their terrible wives must have driven them to murder their kids, because, you know, bitchez be nagging.

Well, it’s the bitchez or the governments. One of those, it’s unclear. Certainly the men who do the murdering can’t and shouldn’t be blamed.

I’m so tired of this shit. Let’s call this what it is, domestic abuse and murder; calculated hate crimes conducted by narcissistic, entitled men against innocent children and women.

‘Nice guys’ don’t kill their entire families, ever.

You know who do, though? Domestic abusers who view their families as property, rather than the treasures they are. Men who want to punish and hurt their wives in the worst way possible, men who want to control and teach their possessions a ‘lesson’.

Men who are pissed when something doesn’t go their way.

Depression is not an excuse for murder. Having disabled kids is not an excuse for murder, as these children have a right to love and life just like all of us. Having a ‘demanding’ wife, or going through a divorce or whatever fucking bullshit society makes up to excuse these men of murder, is a fucking unbelievable joke.

Having a mental illness is not an excuse for murder, and not being a responsible human and getting help for your issues, and instead picking up and gun or a knife of whatever weapon is fucking available and killing your entire family, including the freaking dog, can never, ever be pardoned or explained away.

Call it what it is, MURDER–calculated, evil, malevolent murder, perpetrated by thugs.

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